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We’ll Always Evolve.
We’ll Always Be Creative.
We’ll Always Be Designosaurs!
Twenty Cheers!
2021 marks Designosaur Graphics’ 20th anniversary. For the past 2 decades, we have been continually mastering our craft and sharpening our skills. As a result, a new Designosaur has risen — a more evolved creative beast that can adapt to clients’ advertising design needs during these challenging times.


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From A
I started Designosaur Graphics 20 years ago with nothing but a clunky laptop, an air conditioner box for a table, and a heart full of dreams. Driven by creative passion and hard work led me to get noticed by local and foreign clients.

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Soon, I was seeking and forming liked minded individuals who have the same principles as I do. The Designosaur Graphics Team was formed – in no time, we evolved and grew into a professional family.

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This unique relationship among the team members is our strength. Each one grew as we inspired and nourished our talents. As a result, we won design awards locally and internationally.

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After 2 decades of creativity and teamwork, I am certain that Designosaur Graphics will continue to evolve and step-up the advertising evolutionary ladder. Exciting times are ahead as we adapt to the fast-changing world of advertising design.

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To the Designosaur Graphics Team of the past, present, and future: Happy 20th anniversary, Godspeed and God bless you all!
Founder & Managing Director

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From Z
15 years ago, I entered a small room in an old building in the city. It was for a job interview, an interview that would forever change the course of my life. Days before that, I was searching for a more convenient workplace closer to home. I saw a newspaper ad that kept me intrigued. It caught my eye for being unique and creative. It was the first time I saw the name Designosaur Graphics.

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I felt something positive and instinctive about it. I felt that it has so much potential to do great things and be awesome. I took a leap of faith, followed my gut feel, and joined them… I made the right choice.

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Fast forward to 2021, after a decade and a half of extensive work, we continue to stand strong, doing great things. Times and events might have changed, but still, here we are… evolving. I learned a lot in the past 15 years and continue to learn as I look forward to many more years of creative and innovative work with our highly esteemed company – my family, my rock, my Design-o-soar!
Creative Director

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What’s Next?