is not to evolve.”
~ Jeff Bezos
Amazon Founder & CEO

Our journey.
Follow our evolution.
2001 – 2021…
Designosaur Graphics is hatched.
We had an extensive list of creative name choices, but in the end, we settled with the most unique one and had the most potential to go big… Designosaur!
Actual logo sketch from 2001 shown on the right. >>>
Designosaur Graphics bears fruit!
The local representative of Washington Apples and California Grapes awards the design development of point-of-sale collaterals, advertising, and promotion materials to Designosaur Graphics.
Solana MedSpa USA hires Designosaur Graphics to design all their client start-up marketing and advertising collaterals.
We brought the Solana sunshine to over 50 start-up medical spas across the United States. Designosaur Graphics handled the brand design development for each medical spa – this includes logos, print ads, marketing collaterals, and websites.

Designosaur Graphics wins the international bid for the Washington Apple Commission’s Global Trade Marketing Creative Design Contract.
We went head-to-head with American and Asian advertising agencies to win the international bid. Washington Apple continues to award us the contract annually. A fruitful relationship we are proud of since 2007.
Designosaur Graphics begins servicing clients in the United Kingdom and Europe.
The AB Hotels chain in the U.K. hired us to regularly design their marketing, promotion, and advertising materials. At the same time, we also began designing the advertising support materials for Northwest Cherries in Europe.
Designosaur Graphics starts advertising and marketing design support for the Philippine representative of the United States Potato Board and the California Milk Advisory Board.
This includes design development for all advertising and marketing support materials to promote U.S. grown potatoes, California milk and cheese products in the Philippines.
Designosaur Graphics wins the best booth design award in the 10th International Expedition on Worldwide Food and Beverages, Technologies, and Machineries (WOFEX).
The booth design was commissioned by the country representative of the United States Potato Board during the 2010 World Food Exposition held in Manila, Philippines.
“Going Nuts” with American Pistachios!
We just went crazy-in-love with the world’s favorite green nut. Design jobs began pouring in from American Pistachio Growers, paving the way for Designosaur Graphics to earn recognition from the regional American Advertising Awards.
Designosaur Graphics strikes gold!
We won 2 golds in the prestigious Fresno American Advertising Federation awards (ADDY). The awards were for the American Pistachio Growers’ sales kit and information sheet designs.
Designosaur Graphics begins servicing the biotech capital of the world, the City of South San Francisco.
The City hired us to develop the design for their city collaterals. To this day, we still regularly design their event banners, print ads, brochures, and newsletters.
Winning Streak!
After winning two Gold ADDYs in 2013, we also won two Gold ADDYs for 2016, and another one for 2017… bringing our stash of gold to 5 ADDY awards from the Central California (Fresno) regional Advertising Federation of America. Our creative work for American Pistachio Growers has been instrumental for us in consistently winning the ADDY awards.
Designosaur Graphics is continually evolving.
2021 is Designosaur Graphics’ 20th year in the creative advertising design business. A more evolved and stronger Designosaur has risen to adapt to the “new normal.”

Cheers for
20 Years!
Designosaur Graphics is celebrating its 20th year in the advertising design industry. We started in 2001 as a no-frills-no-fuss design firm for print advertising. Since then, we have been steadily stepping up the advertising evolutionary ladder; providing creative and innovative designs for both print and digital media. Designosaur Graphics’ evolution led us to win prestigious awards and land clients in Europe, North America, and South Asia. We believe in the primeval strength of design, the fusion of new age ideas, and old school discipline.